The character and physical attributes of a military man may seem to be enough reasons to marry him.  Consider looking beyond what you see and set aside the overwhelming emotion you have for him.  Marriage is not just about sweet nothings, chocolates and flowers.  It is the first step to a lifetime commitment.  Significant amount of contemplation should be spent before deciding on engaging in such commitment.


Let the following reasons help you answer the question “Why you should marry someone from the military?”


  • Military men have more capabilities of supporting their wives and kids than some “normal” guys.

Military men receive a stable income every month.  Most of them also receive a variety of allowances, bonuses and special pays. In contrast, some of the “normal” guys do not have sure income.  They depend only on commissions which sometimes can hardly meet their personal needs.

  • Military spouse and family are provided with benefits and privileges.

Some of the best things of being a member of a military family are the benefits given you.  These are healthcare insurance, shopping privileges and free access to base recreation facilities.  The healthcare insurance is not only limited to the time when your spouse is on active-duty.  You can avail of it until retirement.  Should you need employment opportunities, the family center could provide you with it.  The office also offers personal skills building classes.

  • Service members and their families are given legal aid and emergency financial assistance.

Most installations have legal offices from which you can get free legal advice and services.  This is a great help for you and your family since legal services are very expensive.  Moreover, there are special assistance organizations in each branch of the military that provide emergency financial assistance.  You can apply for this if unexpected expenses should arise.

Always go beyond the feelings.  Love and security are important elements to a happy and successful marriage.  There’s no mistaking in marrying a military man.